Quebec International Guitar Salon 2019

Québec International Guitar Show

For fingerstyle acoustic guitar lovers!

Québec International Guitar Show is a major music event happening in Quebec City. This unique salon gathered artists, stringed-instrument makers and fingerstyle acoustic guitar lovers at La Chapelle spectacles.

In addition to the concerts offered by worldwide famous guitarists, two days of exhibitions and meetings take place with 25 stringed-instrument makers, real celebrities in the guitar world, sharing their passion and masterpieces with the public. Visitors can also listen to short concerts every hour and try unusual guitars.

La Chapelle spectacles is proud to support fingerstyle acoustic guitar development!

Version française

Version française

2019 Québec International Guitar Show

Québec International Guitar Show takes place from October 31 to November 3, 2019, and offers daily exhibitions, 4 concerts nights, 2 master classes and many impressive music discoveries!

Stringed-instrument makers attending the salon

Bulgaria / Canada / United States / France / Swiss / Taiwan

25 exceptional stringed-instrument makers
2 days of exhibition
Short concerts every hour

Daily entry: 10$

Tickets: 10$ per day.
Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm.

Evening concerts

Concerts by worldwide famous guitarists.

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Quebec International Guitar Salon 2019